Abilities are your character’s innate strengths and natural capabilities. There are three abilities: agility, brawn, and cunning. A typical human has a score of about two in each ability, but the heroes of Forge of Legends are destined for greatness.

When you create your character, assign eight ability points to each of the three abilities in the way that best represents your character. You can assign each ability from one to five ability points, where one would be considered poor and five would be extraordinary. Think carefully how your character’s abilities would best be described; once assigned, abilities cannot typically be altered or increased.

Abilities are used for rolls, like leaping across a ravine, sneaking past guards, and finding hidden secrets. Abilities give you bonuses when using certain types of skills, contribute to your defenses (poise, momentum, and focus).

Abilities don’t determine how your character interacts with others, nor what kind of knowledge they have acquired over their life. Those are determined by your values, backgrounds, and bonds.


Agility represents your character’s physical coordination and precise control of their body movements. Agile characters can gracefully elude enemies, and balance, squeeze, or tumble their way into areas others would struggle to reach. In combat, agile characters excel quickly finishing off worn-down foes and dashing to the right place at the right time.


Brawn represents your character’s physical strength and toughness. Brawny characters can use their might to overcome physical obstacles and haul more equipment. In combat, brawny characters excel at going toe-to-toe with enemies in melee combat and outlasting their opponents.


Cunning represents your character’s awareness, acuity, and insight. Cunning characters can get the drop on hidden enemies or traps, and spot key details that others might miss. Cunning character’s aren’t necessarily more intelligent, just better at noticing details and recognizing opportunities. In combat, cunning characters excel at exploiting a foe’s weakness and creating opportunities for their allies to deliver devastating attacks.