Core Features

Weapon Proficiencies: All simple, heavy, and warbanner weapons, as well as instruments that are also horns or drums.


While others might fear the chaos of battle, you thrive in it! Whenever you are confused, you are also berserking! While you’re berserking, being confused doesn’t suppress your zone of control, and whenever you would gain focus, you gain an equal amount of momentum instead. However, your attacks must still always target a random character within range; position yourself carefully to avoid accidentally attacking your allies!

You must equip at least four berserk skills to your fighting style as bonus skills, and you can equip as many more as you like. When you first become berserking, you gain access to one randomly selected berserk skill you have equipped. At the end of each of your turns while you are berserking, randomly select a berserking skill to gain access to. As soon as you are no longer confused, you stop berserking and loose access to your berserk skills.


Basic Skills

You begin play with the following basic skills in your fighting style:

Reckless Swing Primal Roar Clear Out Hurl Weapon

You also begin with these four berserk skills, which can only be used if they are randomly selected while you are berserking.

Ferocious Howl Undying Rage Cleave Juggernaut

Starting Equipment

You begin play with 3 supplies, 20 gold coins, and your choice of clothing. You also get your choice of one of these two weapon sets:

Battle Axe Round Shield