Core Features

Weapon Proficiency: All simple, light, heavy, and warbanner weapons, as well as instruments that are also horns or drums.

Master of Arms

Your hours of training and mastery of your weapons has taught you to always be prepared. You can equip a total of six hands of weapons to your fighting style, instead of three. For example, you could equip six one-handed weapons, three two-handed weapons, or so on.

Way of the Blade Blur of Steel

Basic Skills

You begin play with the following basic skills in your fighting style:

Proper Footwork Cunning Disarm Intercept Battlecry

Starting Equipment

You begin play with 3 supplies, 20 gold coins, and your choice of clothing. You begin with armor appropriate to your brawn. You also get your choice of two of these three weapon sets:

Longsword Kite Shield