Fate is funny thing. Heroes, especially those who stay true to themselves and to their friends, often find that destiny is on their side. Fate will reward you for expressing your character’s personality, and give you some control over the game world beyond the actions of your character.

You will gain fate through fateful deeds: important decisions that are aligned with your personal values. You also gain a point fate whenever one of your background details poses a significant obstacle to you or your group. Some GMs may choose to award fate points to players who make the game more fun for everyone, such as taking an amazing risk or spouting an exceptional joke.

Keep track of the total number of fate points you have earned. You may keep up to three fate points at a time; any excess earned are lost. Fate points can be spent on twists of fate to add detail to the game world. Some especially powerful skills also require you to spend fate points, or gain bonuses when you do.

Fateful Deeds

A fateful deed is an important decision made in the spirit of one of the six personal values. The GM will inform you when one of your actions qualifies as a fateful deed, and which value the deed aligns with. You may also nominate the actions of your fellow players if you think that their choices have been significant. A fateful deed could be something you say, do, or even don’t do, but it must always be a significant, informed, and voluntary choice.

When you’ve earned a fateful deed, compare the personal value that the GM assigned the deed to your own value.


If you and your allies have differing opinions about a fateful deed, you are encouraged to discuss your options amongst yourselves. If you sincerely advocate for a choice that aligns with your personal values, then you are satisfied that you have spoken you piece. Even if your group eventually comes to a decision that opposes your values, you don’t suffer stress or have to change your values. In fact you gain a point of fate just as if you were aligned with the deed! The heroes of Forge of Legends may have colorful personalities, but they always find a way to put aside their differences and work together.

Twists of Fate

Once you have earned a fate point, you may spend it to invoke a twist of fate. A twist of fate lets you add a detail to the game world, such as adding a feature to the environment, adding an item to your inventory, or establishing a fact about an NPC.. You can even invoke a twist of fate during a roll, giving you a bonus. Getting three or more successes on a roll also allows you to invoke a twist of fate without spending a fate point, or refunding a point you spend!

Any detail, no matter the subject and no matter how large or small, can be invoked by a twist of fate. However, players may only add detail, not remove or change details that have already been established. Furthermore, while you can add details to the environment and to NPCs, you can’t add details to your character or other players characters; those must be discovered through flashbacks. The GM always has the authority to veto a twist of fate if they decide it would not fit in with the world.