Ancestry WIP

Your character’s ancestry is their ethnic descent and, grants unique benefits. When you make your character, choose one of these seven ancestries: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Beast-kin, and Mixed. Each ancestry comes with three unique skills, as well as an ancestral flaw.


Human Cunning: You gain a +1 bonus to your cunning action TN.

Human Determination: As a reaction on your turn, y remove a non-persistent condition from yourself.

Multicultural: You’re used to dealing with people from different walks of life.

Human Ambition: No human can resist the temptation of fame and fortune. You can’t earn fate unless you have a legendary quest underway.


Elven Swiftness: You gain +1 speed.

Sense Magic: As an action, you can attune your senses to the presence of magic until you move. The GM will tell you if there is any magic within 5 paces, other than that associated with you and your travelling companions. The GM only reveals the existence of such magic, not its location or nature.

Woodland Harmony: You recover 1 stress during any day you spent mostly outdoors.

Elven Frailty: Your stress tolerance is reduced by 3.


Dwarven Hardiness: Your stress tolerance is increase by +3.

Darksight: You can see in total darkness up to 5 paces away.

Stoneheart: You are resistant to mental skills and immune to mind conditions. Any roll opposed by one of your personal values suffers a bane.

Weakness - Dwarven Slowness: Your speed is reduced by -1.


equipment affinity



Orcish Ferocity: Your melee attacks gain +2 threat.

Orcish Might: You count as one size larger for size dependent effects, such as grabbing and shoving.



Your mixed ancestry has given you an assortment of traits from both your parents. Choose two different ancestries.