Your character’s class defines how you interact with the world, especially how you overcome obstacles and enemies. Your past history and experiences are the source of your class, and you class influences how you see the world and how other see you. When you create your character choose just one class to start with. But over the course of your adventure, you might gain experience in another class.

Your class grants you many skills that will help you defeat enemies, solve challenges, and forge legends. You’ve already mastered your class’s core feature and basic skills when you create your character, and those are always available to you. Your class gives you proficiency with certain weapons as well. Your armor, however, comes from your brawn.

Other skills are acquired with experience that you earn by overcoming encounters. No matter how many skills you have unlocked, you can only have so many readied in your fighting style at once, so take care to choose the right skills for the job. However, you will also earn permanent skills that are available no matter what fighting style you choose.

Forge of legends features 15 classes grouped into five broad archetypes.


Warriors have mastered martial combat through years of dedication and training.


Rogues have a knack for fighting in the way that their enemies least expect.


Through practice and talent, mages dabble in the mysterious arts of magic.


Acolytes tap into the divine powers of gods, spirits, and demons.


Primalists call upon the the powers of animals, plants, and the land itself.

Core Feature

Your class’s core feature is what defines it. Your core feature gives you proficiency with certain weapons, and often access to certain core skills. You benefit from these core skills no matter what fighting style you choose. You core feature also grants you access to certain basic skills. Unlike core skills, you must ready basic skills in your fighting style, but you don’t need to spend experience to unlock them.

Fighting Style WIP

No matter how many skills you know, you can only keep so many tactics ready to use at a moment’s notice. These few skills are considered ready in your fighting style. You can have a combined total of four actions and maneuvers, readied at once. You can also have a combined total of four reactions and passive skills readied. Certain effects might also grant you bonus skills, which can be readied without counting against these totals. Your class’s core feature, your permanent skills, and skills that come from your equipment don’t count against the number of skill you can have readied. You can rearrange which skills you have readied over 10 minutes, during which time you can also change your equipment.


You will earn experience as you overcome encounters and adventures. Keep track of your total experience as you earn it. When you meet with a trainer of your class’s archetype, you will be offered skills that you can learn by spending your experience. Training in the use of new skills also takes time- one day for novice skills, three for expert, five for master, and seven for grandmaster skills.