Core Features

Weapon Proficiencies: All simple and light weapons.


Each of your movements is carefully planned to keep you one stead ahead of your enemies. This tempo is represented by initiative, a resource you can save up and spend for devastating effects. You gain access to initiative skills, and you can ready them in you fighting style like any other skills. In addition, you can ready any two initiative skills as bonus skills.
Keep track of your initiative as you gain and spend it; you must spend initiative to use skills with an initiative cost. You must be aware of an enemy to plan your tactics; your initiative returns to 0 when there are no obvious enemies nearby.

Stone Toss

Basic Skills

You begin play with the following basic skills in your fighting style:

Roll for Initiative Misdirection Perfect Assault Low Blow Assassins Instincts Preparatory Strikes

Starting Equipment

You begin play with 3 supplies, 20 gold coins, and your choice of clothing. You begin with armor appropriate to your brawn. You also get your choice of one of these two weapon sets:

Scimitar Throwing Dagger

Short Sword Hand Crossbow