Core Features

Weapon Proficiencies: All simple, light, and arcane weapons.


Your mastery of the elements lets you imbue your skills with primal power. You can equip three infusion skills as bonus skills. These let you use the Elemental Infusion skill to mix elemental effects in to your other skills, and grants you unique cunning effects for skills with those tags.

Control Elements Elemental Infusion

Basic Skills

You begin play with the following basic skills in your fighting style:

Siphon Elements Water Shield Shocking Grasp Blazing Speed

You also begin with these three infusion skills, which grant you additional options for your elemental cunning effects.

Wildfire Infusion Thunderclap Infusion Stormsurge Infusion

Starting Equipment

You begin play with 3 supplies, 20 gold coins, and your choice of clothing. You begin with armor appropriate to your brawn. You also get your choice of one of these two weapon sets:

Ruby Staff

Battle Torch Pearl Wand